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About the Kappa Delta Pi Record
The Kappa Delta Pi Record, published quarterly in partnership with Taylor & Francis, is a peer-reviewed journal that presents research-based articles on compelling issues relevant to national and international education professionals who work and teach at all levels and in a wide range of disciplines and settings. The Kappa Delta Pi Record promotes professional growth in the field of education by providing articles on evidence-based teaching strategies, reviews of current policy initiatives, examples of applied theories, and reports of original research in language that is accessible and practical.

Winner of 2015 REVERE Award for Professional Magazines from the Association of American Publishers
Inside the Current Issue
OCT–DEC 2018
VOL. 54, NO. 4

For the Record
by Christopher H. Tienken, Academic Editor
Will return next issue.

Supporting Paraprofessionals: Tips for Enhanced Collaboration
by Lydia Gerzel-Short, Greg Conderman, and Stephanie DeSpain

Student Ownership for Blended Physical Education
by Soyini Chism and Elizabeth A. Wilkins

Virtual Learning Environments for Teacher Preparation
by Maria B. Peterson-Ahmad, Jane Pemberton, and Katrina A. Hovey

Supporting Adoptive Families at School
by Pamela A. Kramer Ertel

Technologies in the Classroom: Advancing English Language Acquisition
by Gary J. Miller
In My View
Kindergartners “Worming” Their Way Through Integrated Curriculum
by Jody L. Eberly and Arti Joshi

Programs in Practice
Active Learning: The Jr. Chef Program
by Laurie O. Campbell, Elsie L. Olan, & Christine P. Herlihy

Curriculum Connections
Rethinking the Mathematics Block: A Blended STEM Approach
by Megan Nickels and Annette Gartner

2018 Recipients
Kappa Delta Pi International Scholarship Program

Book Review
The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys
Reviewed by Elizabeth Yomantas

Telling Stories
A Teachable Moment Worth a Million
by Denise McDonald

48-page, 4-color, print, quarterly journal , mailed beginning of February, May, August, and November

Acceptance rate: 26% (2016)

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