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Literacy Alive! — FAQ's

My KDP chapter wants to participate in Literacy Alive! How can we get started?
We’re glad you are ready to participate in Literacy Alive! You will want to start planning your event by considering the needs of your community: the talents, resources, and interests of your chapter members; organizations that you could potentially partner with; and so on. For more complete information about planning your Literacy Alive! event, check out our Collegiate Literacy Alive! resources and our Professional Member Literacy Alive! resources.

What are some examples of Literacy Alive! programs that other chapters or professional members do?
The possibilities for hosting a Literacy Alive! event are truly endless! Click here for examples of projects hosted by collegiate chapters.

We also have examples of projects that professional members have hosted in their local communities. Click here for summaries of previous professional member Literacy Alive! programs.

When is the Achievement Form due?
The due date for the Collegiate Achievement Form is May 1.

The Professional Member Achievement Form should be completed within 2 weeks of completing your Literacy Alive! event.

I remember completing 2 forms in previous years. Does our chapter need to submit both forms?
No, chapters are only required to submit one form, the Literacy Alive! Collegiate Achievement form. In previous years, chapters were required to submit 2 forms, however, in simplifying the submission process we have eliminated the confirmation form.

Our chapter did not receive a Literacy Alive! award last year. How can we improve our submission this year?
The Collegiate Achievement Forms are used to determine which chapters receive Literacy Alive! awards each year. Refer to the Literacy Alive! Collegiate Rubric for the complete list of criteria used for reviewing the Achievement Forms. If your chapter hosts the same Literacy Alive! event year after year, consider what you can do to enhance the project this year. Have another KDP member review the form prior to submitting; reviewers can tell when time was invested in creating a well-written submission.

Our chapter participates in Literacy Alive! but we aren’t trying to earn an award. Why should we complete the Collegiate Achievement Form?
We realize our KDP chapters host Literacy Alive! projects as a service to their communities rather than for the recognition from the Society; however, we would still love to know about the success of your Literacy Alive! programs. Aside from the award process, we like to recognize each participating chapter for their commitment to our signature service initiative and also individual members that contribute to each program. Submitting the Collegiate Achievement Form is one way to share with us the impact you are making on your community. Having accurate information also allows us to apply for grants and funding for future Literacy Alive! initiatives. Your impact counts!

Our chapter participates in a literacy event on campus with another student organization and/or a local community partner. Can this project count towards Literacy Alive!?
Yes! Any project or event that promotes literacy and impacts those in your community can qualify as a Literacy Alive! event. We encourage collaboration with other student organizations, local schools, and other groups within your local community.

How can we ensure that our chapter members make the most of our Literacy Alive! program?
Your Literacy Alive! program will benefit more than the community members directly impacted through the event. There is much to be gained as a chapter member participating in this signature service initiative. Consider how you can help your members make the most of this opportunity. Are there ways that the chapter can encourage members to take a leadership role to share their ideas, suggestions, and talents? You may think about hosting an internal chapter event after the project is completed to debrief and celebrate successes. You can learn a lot about the event by asking for reflections and feedback that will likely impact future Literacy Alive! projects. Don’t forget to include the names of your participating chapter members on the Collegiate Achievement Form using the template provided to ensure that they receive the participation certificate from Headquarters.

Where can we find funding for our Literacy Alive! program?
If you are a new chapter (installed within the last two years) and have not previously participated in Literacy Alive!, your project may be eligible for up to $100 of funding from Kappa Delta Pi. Click here for more information on the New Chapter Stipend.

When planning a Literacy Alive! event, you will want to consider the costs associated with hosting this service event in your community. Consider finding on-campus or community partners that could help financially or that have resources to help offset costs. Many chapters also choose to host chapter fundraisers specifically for supporting their Literacy Alive! initiative.

Professional members hosting a Literacy Alive! event may be eligible to receive funding from KDP to help support the mission and goals of the project. Click here for more information regarding the Literacy Alive! Professional Member Stipend.

I participated in Literacy Alive! as a collegiate KDP member. Is there a Literacy Alive! program for professional members?
Yes! We encourage professional KDP members to host literacy programs in their schools and communities. Click here for more information about how you can receive up to $100 in funding from KDP to assist in the implementation of a Literacy Alive! event.

I participated in Literacy Alive! this year. Can I use the program as my Community Service (Chapter Program Award) submission?
No. Literacy Alive! and Chapter Program Community Service Awards are two separate, unrelated, Kappa Delta Pi service initiatives. For more information on the Community Service Award, visit the Chapter Program Award page.

Contact our Chapter Services Team at mcs@kdp.org or 1-800-284-3167
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