Chapter and Individual Awards

Awards for Chapter Excellence

KDP proudly recognizes and celebrates chapters and their leaders through multiple awards. Explore the opportunities below to learn more about your chapter's eligibility. We welcome you to apply to those awards that fit your programming, and we look forward to celebrating your great accomplishments!

Chapter Programming

At the heart of the chapter experience is the programming planned by leaders. Whether it's a leadership mentoring program for new officers or a community service drive for a local school, we know you put in much time and effort to ensure the success of these events. Share your pride by submitting your program to be considered for a Chapter Programming Award in one of the categories below. Chapters can earn two program awards in different areas each academic year.

Chapter Program Categories:

  • Community Service
  • Fundraising
  • Leadership Development
  • Literacy Alive!
  • Professional Development
  • COVID-19-specific activities (for 2022 cycle)

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Individual Awards

At the National Office, we know that KDP's Chapter Leaders are the heart and soul of our organization. We see the countless hours of work that you put in during the year to ensure your chapter and its members thrive! Now it's your turn to recognize your fellow officers and counselors for their incredible work. Each chapter can nominate one officer (or two individuals who equally share the position) for the Distinguished Chapter Officer Award and one Chapter Counselor (or two who equally share the position) for the Regional Chapter Counselor Award.

Distinguished Chapter Officers

Each year, KDP is proud to celebrate dozens of incredible Chapter Officers from around the country. Nominated by fellow chapter leaders, Distinguished Chapter Officers not only exemplify leadership, but also relationship building, creativity, and a drive to see the chapter succeed. Nominations open in the spring.

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Regional Chapter Counselor of the Year

The Regional Chapter Counselor of the Year Award recognizes a dedicated Counselor from each region who excels in his or her role for that region. The Counselors achieving this award are leaders who represent the mission and ideals of KDP and who have achieved excellence in the role of Counselor.

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Chapter Awards FAQs

When do Chapter Awards Open?

Online submissions open every spring. Biennial awards are open the spring before they are awarded.

Where can I find the Criteria or Rubrics?

You can download the criteria and rubrics that the judges will be using underneath the awards description.

How do I submit an awards application?

Click on any of the links under the chapter award for which you want to apply. All awards entries must be submitted via our online system.

Can I apply for more than one award?

Chapters are allowed to submit two different programs for two chapter program awards in different categories. If you apply for an Achieving Chapter Excellence (ACE) award, you cannot win a chapter program award with the same program. We will award you the better of the submissions.

How are chapter awards judged?

Qualified judges with strong knowledge of chapter programming will be appointed.

How will I know if my application was accepted for an award?

Award recipients will be notified by email on or before July 31.

For More Information

Contact the Member Experience Team via email at or call (800) 284-3167.