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hire 21st-century challenges require us to think differently about how we prepare future educators. How do we help students to become critical thinkers, possess a global worldview of equity, and work to create a sustainable future? If you want to help prepare all students for the future, join a FREE online collaborative community on sustainability for teacher educators. Each month has a key topic and live chat with an expert.
ELN Have you seen the new KDP professional development course? KDP just launched The Power of Formative Assessment. This course highlights the possibility for teaching and learning that formative assessment affords, beginning with a working definition of this elusive concept. Check it out.
Career Center Looking for a teaching position? Check out KDP’s new Career Center. Discover available positions, career resources, and job alerts. Post your résumé and apply today.
chapter Are you one of more than 2,000 KDP chapter leaders around the world? Thank you for your leadership! To help you, we have resources on recruitment, engagement, fundraising, and more.