Celebration of Teaching

Celebration of Teaching is KDP's Signature Service Initiative

This program encourages KDP members to support current teachers, cultivate future teachers, and advocate for our profession.

Why Celebration of Teaching?

Nearly every person can point to an exceptional teacher who played a critical role in his or her life. Sadly, many of these educators find themselves leaving the classroom long before retirement. In fact, a staggering 41% of teachers will leave the profession within the first 5 years. KDP is committed to curbing this burnout and supporting young professionals as they enter the classroom and beyond. Why Celebration of Teaching? We’re glad you asked:    

To identify, recruit, and support promising students who demonstrate an interest in teaching 
To encourage more students of color to consider teaching as a career 
To promote collaboration between public school teachers, university professors, students, and parents 
To promote public interest in the education profession 
To elevate the profession by celebrating outstanding educators  


Teaching is often referred to as “The Noblest Profession.” Without it, other professions would simply not exist. The goals of Celebration of Teaching are simple: Cultivate the best teachers, retain the best teachers, and continue to elevate the noblest profession.

How to Participate

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