Student Chapter Officers

Learning Through Leadership

Competent, compassionate, and consistent leadership is essential to the success of every KDP chapter. We appreciate all our chapter members and we are especially grateful for the learners who take time out of their busy schedules to serve in a leadership capacity. Your support means a lot, and we’re here to support you. Find information about recruitment, initiation, transitioning your succeeding officer, and chapter programming here:

Recruitment & Initiation Resources

Looking to recruit new members to your chapter? Click here to find everything you need.

Initiation Process Overview & Eligibility

Learn more about the Initiation Process Overview & Eligibility here.

Accessing Eligible Candidates

Find information regarding eligibility and the customizable registrar request here.

Preparation for the Ceremony

Learn how to collect chapter dues, host a hybrid initiation ceremony, and send membership certificate packages.

Hosting a Hybrid Initiation Ceremony

Learn more about hosting a hybrid Initiation ceremony here.

KDP Virtual Initiation

Initiation ceremonies can also be virtual! Learn more.

Chapter Leadership

Whether you need to conduct officer elections, review the Chapter Handbook, or sign the Chapter Affiliation Agreement, here is the place to go!

Officer Position Descriptions

Find out more about officer positions here.

KDP Officer Transition Packet

Download the KDP Officer Transition Packet.

Sample Election Ballot

Download a sample election ballot.

Conducting an Officer Transition Meeting

Learn more about how to structure and conduct an Officer Transition Meeting.

Chapter Programming

Interested in planning an event with your chapter? Check out the activities you can do here.

Professional Development

Get ideas about professional development opportunities for your chapter leaders.


Learn about what your chapter can do to serve your community.


Find successful ways to fundraise for your chapter!

Chapter Finances

 Find all the information you need to understand and plan for your chapter's finances right here.

Flyer Template

Promote your events! This template can help you publicize your upcoming initiation, professional development or service event, info sessions, and more!

Chapter Branded PowerPoint Template

Customize your initiation PowerPoint here!

Initiation Program Template

Download and customize your chapter's initiation program template.

Email Recruitment Templates

Find the best recruitment email template for your chapter!