240 Tutoring Praxis and Certification Assistance

KDP Members receive a 50% discount on 240 Tutoring’s Praxis and Certification Study Resources

KDP and 240 Tutoring have formed a national partnership to support your success in passing critical exams for your teaching career. If you are preparing to take any variation of the Praxis Exam, 240 Tutoring resources are guaranteed to help you be successful. State-specific, subject-specific, or general certification materials are designed to equip you with the confidence and practice you need to pass exams on the first sitting. For only $20, you receive a month’s worth of tutoring and practice testing.

Comprehensive, Test-Aligned Digital Study Guides

Diagnostic Test

Benchmark understanding of concepts & topics with a timed, multiple-choice test.

Instructional Content

A digital textbook that includes embedded concept videos.


Reinforce understanding of key vocabulary, dates, theories, and more.


Multiple-choice quizzes with immediate feedback on the correct and incorrect answers.

Practice Test

Once 90% of the study guide materials have been completed, a full-length, test-aligned, timed practice test is available.

The 240 Guarantee

If you score 90% on our practice test (at the end of the study guide), but fail the exam, you are eligible for a money-back refund of up to 2 months of your subscription.

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