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Planning for your Celebration of Teaching Project is just as important as the day of the event itself. KDP has the resources to help you develop new programs—or even elevate existing ones!

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Frequently Asked Questions

My KDP chapter wants to participate in Celebration of Teaching. How can we get started?

We’re glad you are ready to participate in Celebration of Teaching! You will want to start planning your event by considering which project you would like to host. The KDP National Office suggests one of the following three themes for your project:

  1. Support or recognize current teachers.
  2. Encourage middle and high school students to consider teaching as a career option, and provide support to those students.
  3. Advocate for the profession throughout the community.

Once you have settled on your main theme, you will want to consider the talents, resources, and interests of your chapter members, as well as organizations you could potentially partner with, among other areas. For more complete information about planning your Celebration of Teaching event, check out our Celebration of Teaching project resources above.

What are some examples of Celebration of Teaching programs that other chapters have hosted?

The possibilities for hosting a Celebration of Teaching event are truly endless! Check out the “Past Programs” page for examples of projects hosted by collegiate chapters.

What are the awards our chapter can win for a Celebration of Teaching project?

Fifteen exceptional projects will be selected to receive a Celebration of Teaching Award, the levels of which are explained below:

Gold Award, Five Chapters: Large chapter plaque, recognition in KDP communications, and $200 award.

Silver and Bronze Awards, Five Chapters Each: Small chapter plaque, recognition in KDP communications, and $100 award.

In addition to these benefits, some award-winning chapters will be selected to lead a panel discussion on their program at the following Convocation.