Celebration of Teaching Project Examples

Shepherd University
Delta Psi Chapter
Careers in Education: Teacher Education Fair

For the past 3 semesters, the Delta Psi Chapter has worked with the Education Department at Shepherd University to provide high schools students with an opportunity to visit campus and learn more about teaching as a career. Students who expressed an interest in education were invited to campus for a full day of activities, networking, and peer mentorship. As students arrived, they were welcomed by KDP members, a representative of the admissions office, and even the Director of the Teacher Education program. Participants attended two mock Ed classes by university professors before a series of breakout sessions. In these sessions, KDP members representing each major worked with the participants who were interested in a certain area of study. The students were then taken on a tour of the campus before having lunch in one of the university’s dining halls. Next, the students toured a dorm while a member of Residence Life provided information about living on campus. The day ended with a final tour of the Wellness Center.

Kean University
Delta Rho Chapter
Teacher Appreciation - The Celebration of Teachers

After learning of the Celebration of Teaching Initiative, officers of the Delta Rho Chapter were very interested in supporting current teachers and recognizing their efforts and achievements. They decided to host their event at a local elementary school due to a pre-existing relationship between the chapter and the school. The event was held during National Teacher Appreciation Week, which added to the activities planned by the school administration and PTO. Each teacher was given a certificate of recognition and a lapel pin, as well as a raffle ticket for education-related literature. Each book also contained a handwritten letter of appreciation from a KDP staff person. Teachers at the school expressed their gratitude to KDP and the members of Delta Rho for their thoughtful gift!

Robert Morris University
Alpha Zeta Omicron Chapter
Celebration of Teaching: Spread Your Passion and Commitment

Members of the Alpha Zeta Omicron Chapter held a multifaceted project to address both objectives of the Celebration of Teaching Initiative. First, chapter members collected handwritten cards to send to in-service teachers at a nearby low-income school. Sixteen KDP members wrote nearly 60 cards throughout the spring semester. The chapter delivered these cards to the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, along with refreshments for staff. In addition to this, the Alpha Zeta Omicron Chapter also held a special on-campus meet-and-greet for RMU applicants who expressed an interest in education. To encourage applicants to consider selecting an education major, chapter officers set up a station to talk about the ups and downs of the field. Applicants were able to interact with KDP members and develop their peer network before their first day of classes!

University of North Texas
Alpha Iota Chapter
Teach Denton Mentorship

Teach Denton is a mentorship program designed to connect Alpha Iota members with high school students in the Denton Independent School District. Through this partnership, students interested in education are paired with KDP members for long-term mentorship and college preparation advice. KDP members provide guidance on teacher prep, the education field, college life, and FAFSA. This program also sees students go into local schools as cadet teachers, in order to give them a taste of the profession. Additionally, participants are given college credit to Texas Woman’s University, further incentivizing the program. Most impressively, those who complete the program, attend university, and graduate are guaranteed employment in the Denton ISD. This partnership also provides considerable benefits to KDP mentors, as they learned how to guide future teachers in a productive and accountable environment. The Teach Denton program reflects how a well-connected chapter can serve its members, the community, and the field of education in a truly transformative way!

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Omicron Pi Chapter
Future 49ers Teach

The Omicron Pi Chapter of UNC Charlotte invited high school students interested in teaching to campus for a full day of activities and guidance. In total, more than 350 students participated in the event, and half of these students ended up applying to UNC. The focus of the event was to celebrate and promote the profession of teaching. A KDP member and UNC alumni started the day with an opening keynote speech, then students split up for smaller group activities. The event consisted of workshops, student panels, a campus tour, lunch, and a resource fair. Omicron Pi Chapter officers lead the student panel session, which allowed prospective 49er teacher education candidates to ask questions about the education program and honor society. KDP members also led the campus tours and ate lunch with the participants.

Southwestern University
Tau Beta Chapter
Celebration of Teaching

Tau Beta Chapter held their Celebration of Teaching project in honor of their own professors on campus. Chapter members asked students on campus to provide names of professors that deserved a special thank you for all their work and mentorship. The members then made brownie trays for 11 teachers and included a special note from the students saying how much the teachers were appreciated. These gifts were delivered by the members of the chapter, much to the surprise of their professors. This project highlights and recognizes a population that frequently goes uncelebrated, despite their close proximity to a KDP chapter. It can serve as a reminder to chapters everywhere that their own professors are just as deserving of praise for the outstanding work they do each day!