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Call for Proposals

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The Developing Educators for Leadership in Schools International Conference, sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi, the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education, the Canadian Association for Teacher Education, and Mount Royal University, focuses on leadership for professional growth and educational innovation.

This international conference brings together educational researchers, teacher educators, education experts, teachers, educational administrators, undergraduate students, and graduate students who have theoretical and practical knowledge of the education of children and adults. Its participation opportunities—presentations, papers, and posters—appeal to a wide range of educational roles and international audiences, reflect innovation and cutting-edge content, stimulate discussion and audience engagement, and demonstrate multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning.
Educational Strands
  1. Leadership Preparation—effective instructional leadership; leadership from the classroom; leadership for social justice; administrator preparation; effective advocacy
  2. Global Influences in Education—curriculum and assessment; importance of international studies and foreign language; developing inclusive education systems; globalization, standards, and professionalism in changing times; populism; migrants and immigrants
  3. Leading and Teaching for Sustainable Development—integrating sustainability in teacher education; Education for Sustainable Development pedagogies; leadership for green schools; fostering a sustainability worldview

Session Formats
Proposals should indicate which of the following formats are most appropriate. (Please indicate first and second choices so that as many proposals as possible can be included in the conference.)
Submission Guidelines
Proposals should be 300–500 words, fit within the parameters outlined below, articulate how feedback and dialogue will be incorporated into the session (in the case of presentations and papers), identify the conference strand that will be addressed, identify target audiences, and demonstrate critical thinking and reflective practice. All proposals will be peer-reviewed for acceptance in the conference.
  1. Research. Submissions with a research focus should include:

Research presentations may be delivered in either a workshop or roundtable format. Please refer to the Session Formats section.

  1. Practice. Submissions with a practical focus should include:

Practice presentations may be delivered in either a workshop or roundtable format. Please refer to the Session Formats section.

  1. Posters. Poster proposals, which are best for sharing practice-focused work or practical implementation of research findings, should summarize the following information:

Deadline for Submissions
Peer review of proposals will begin February 1 and continue until June 1. Decisions about acceptance will be issued within 1 month of the receipt of proposals. Please note that space on the conference program is limited and early proposals will have a higher possibility of acceptance.