Ways to Impact

KDP is the Champion for Future and New Teachers from Campus to Classroom

We serve the best and brightest as they enter the most noble profession: Teaching. KDP’s crucial work of supporting teachers could not be realized without the generosity of our donors. Every gift, every dollar empowers members to pursue meaningful careers, helping them become educators of excellence who provide quality, equitable education for all. Click here to donate!

Ways to Support

KDP thanks you in advance for your donation to inspire and equip future and new teachers to thrive. Through our online giving page, we accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards. You can also use the bank transfer online payment option to donate directly from your checking or savings account. Paper checks should be payable to Kappa Delta Pi and mailed to 3707 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN, 46268.

Giving for the benefit of others can be a wonderful gesture to reaffirm the values and priorities shared with our loved ones. Memorial gifts—donations in remembrance of an individual who has passed—are a meaningful way to pay your respects while contributing to their legacy. Gifts in honor of an individual recognize someone special or celebrate an achievement or milestone. Our online giving form allows you to honor someone and send an e-card instantly to announce your gift with a custom message.

Future and new teachers need support on their journey, and KDP is here to provide it. We award more than 30 scholarships on an annual basis to recognize outstanding members who are undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students, as well as PK–12 classroom teachers. Donate to any of the already-endowed scholarships to increase the award and further support educators on their journey to become teachers of excellence.

KDP chapters support local members, but the chapters also need support to flourish. A chapter grant is a wonderful opportunity to invest funds to create a sustainable future for your chapter. This type of endowment is an ongoing grant for a specific chapter that can use the award money to recognize outstanding members, support Convocation attendance, or enrich programming. A grant can be one gift or many gifts from chapter members, alumni, and supporters. The minimum balance of $2,500 must be fulfilled within 5 years of the initial pledge.

Contributions to endowed funds provide critical annual support for the sustainability of the organization. Funds are used to start an endowment in your name, and the interest generated from the endowment is used to fund the project indefinitely. The minimum endowment level is $25,000 and must be fulfilled within 5 years of the initial pledge or fully funded by a planned giving agreement. Project recommendations for endowments include:

  • Establishing a scholarship
  • Offering long-term support for KDP programs
  • Funding humanitarian relief for our members in need
  • Supporting the operational infrastructure of the organization

Still looking for the perfect way to give back to KDP and support teachers of excellence? Consider giving to KDP through other gifts like:

  • Stocks, bonds, and other securities
  • Bequests
  • Charitable trusts and annuity
  • Life insurance
  • Personal property
  • Retirement plans or pension plans

We kindly request that you reach out to discuss the available opportunities and share your intent to make a contribution.

Maximize your impact and make your gift go further. If you are associated with a company that offers a matching gift program, obtain the appropriate form from your company’s personnel office and attach the completed form with your contribution. In some cases, gifts from spouses, board members, and retired employees are matched. We welcome any questions to assist in this process.

Contact Us About Giving Opportunities

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