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Executive Director/Eminent Scholar, Center for Urban Education and Innovation, Florida International University

Professor, Florida International University, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

PhD, Harvard University; MA, Harvard University; BA, Antioch College

Author of: Multiplication is for White People: Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children (2012); Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom (2nd ed., 2006); The Skin That We Speak: Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom (2003); The Real Ebonics Debate: Quality Education as a Constitution Right (Ed., 1998)

Dr. Lisa Delpit is an educator, author, researcher, and activist who has been lauded for speaking out on educational inequity and cultural conflict. Currently, Delpit serves as Executive Director of the Center for Urban Education and Innovation at Florida International University (FIU), as well as Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. Most recently, she was Benjamin E. Mays Chairholder of Urban Educational Leadership at Georgia State University, and Founder and Director of the Center for Urban Educational Excellence at Georgia State University.

Delpit has long studied the difficulties that children of color face in American schools and has advocated for greater equity in educational practices. Her interest in teaching and learning in multicultural societies has led her to spend time studying this issue in Alaska, New Guinea, Fiji, and various urban and rural sites throughout the United States.

Delpit’s many honors include the following: Martin Luther King Service Award in 2006 by Florida International University, MacArthur Genius Fellowship and the Antioch College Horace Mann Humanity Award in 2003, AACTE Advocate of Justice Award in 2002, honorary doctorate by the Bank Street College of Education in 1996, and recognition for her outstanding contributions to education by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1993.

During her tenure at FIU, Dr. Delpit has developed multiple programs to facilitate equity and academic excellence for students of poverty and color. These programs have included The Algebra Project Miami, The Young People’s Project for Mathematics, Family Literacy and the Arts Program, and Quality Education as a Civil Right Movement.

Beginning her career as a PreK–3 teacher, then as a lecturer at Antioch College before moving up the ranks of professorship at other universities, Delpit also has served as a consultant to various school systems and other entities, and as a research associate. Her research interests have involved leadership among urban teachers, school reform in urban settings, over-identification of Black boys in special education, bilingual educational programs in multilingual developing countries, and Black teenage reading comprehension, among other equity issues.

Delpit is widely published in journals and books and has addressed numerous conferences and meetings. She is Founder of the National Coalition for Quality Education in New Orleans, and Co-Sponsor and Developer of the Conference on Education for Liberation at Georgia State University. She is a member of numerous editorial boards, advisory boards, and committees.

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