Professional Chapters

Establishing a new Professional Chapter can be a truly exciting and rewarding process. Just because a Professional Chapter may not currently exist in your area doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of Kappa Delta Pi members nearby. The Membership team is here to assist you and support your new Professional Chapter. Email to find out more about connecting with your fellow educators and starting a new Professional Chapter.

To maintain a Kappa Delta Pi Professional Chapter, the chapter must meet the following general qualifications:
  • Maintain at least 10 members in the chapter;
  • Hold at least one meeting during the year, July 1–June 30;
  • Hold at least one initiation of new members during the year, July 1–June 30;
  • File the required Annual Financial Report no later than August 1;
  • Elect chapter officers no later than July 1, and submit their names and contact information within two weeks after elections—required officers are President, Treasurer, and Membership Chair.

Click here for the Professional Chapter Application