Types of Gifts

Types of Gifts

Donors are encouraged to give unrestricted gifts to support the greatest areas of need for the organization. All donations directly support the mission of Kappa Delta Pi.

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For more information on any of the listed giving opportunities, contact Chris Beaman

Tribute Gifts in Honor or Memory
Giving for the benefit of others can be a wonderful gesture to reaffirm the values and priorities shared with our loved ones. Honor gifts are an excellent choice to say “thank you” to someone who has impacted your life, such as a teacher, student, administrator, or colleague. Honor gifts are also a heartfelt way to recognize an individual’s contributions and accomplishments. Those who are recognized with an honor gift will receive an acknowledgment card and be listed in the annual Roll of Honor in the Kappa Delta Pi Record.

Memorial gifts are a distinguished option to remember the life of a departed family member, educator, or friend. Those who are recognized with a memorial gift will be acknowledged with a card sent to the surviving family member and a listing in the annual Roll of Honor in the Kappa Delta Pi Record. Additional recognition for memorial gifts of $10 or more will be given at the KDP Biennial Convocation.

Both honor and memorial gifts are tax deductible. Donors are asked to provide contact information for the person recognized or a survivor.

Annual Program Funding
KDP offers programs that directly benefit educators, including Classroom Teacher Grants, Literacy Alive!, Scholarships, Chapter Grants, and Convo Grants. Each program is in need of ongoing funding support.
  • Learn more about our programs and how you can help.

Convocation Grants for Students
Ongoing grants will be given on a biennial basis to KDP members to pay for their registration fees and hotel expenses for Convocation. This effort is not fully endowed. Donations are needed to secure long-term existence of this grant program.

More than 30 Kappa Delta Pi scholarships are currently given on an annual basis to KDP members who are undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, as well as professional educators, to help ease the burden of expenses in their journey as educators. Support any of the already established scholarships to increase the award amount; assistance is needed to grow current endowments. Or establish your own legacy with an endowed scholarship.

Chapter Grants
A chapter grant is an ongoing grant given to a KDP member of a specific chapter. The minimum balance needed to begin awarding a chapter grant is $2,500. This can be one gift or many from chapter members, alumni, and supporters. The minimum balance of $2,500 must be fulfilled within 5 years of the initial pledge.

Endowed Opportunities
Contributions to endowed funds provide support for projects annually. Funds are used to start an endowment in your name, and the interest generated from the endowment is used to fund the project indefinitely. The minimum endowment level is $25,000 and must be fulfilled within 5 years of the initial pledge or fully funded by a planned giving agreement. Project recommendations for endowments include:
  • Establishing a scholarship
  • Offering long-term support for KDP programs
  • Funding humanitarian relief for our members in need
  • Supporting the operational infrastructure of the organization

Matching Gifts
If you are associated with a company that offers a matching gift program, obtain the appropriate form from your company’s personnel office and enclose the completed form with your contribution. In some cases, gifts from spouses, board members, and retired employees are matched.

Planned Giving
Additional information can be provided by Kappa Delta Pi for gifts through:
Stocks, Bonds, and Other Securities
Charitable Trusts and Annuity
Life Insurance
Personal Property
Retirement Plans or Pension Plans

In-Kind Gifts
Gifts of products and services can be made to Kappa Delta Pi. In-kind gifts may be used to generate program funds and promote employee and member philanthropy during silent auctions and raffles, or they may be used to support the general operations of KDP. You must contact KDP Headquarters prior to making your in-kind contribution.

For more information on any of the listed giving opportunities, please contact Chris Beaman at advancement@kdp.org or call 800-284-3167, ext. 1534.