2022 Teacher Grant Recipients

KDP awarded 50 Classroom Teacher Grants and 30 First-Year Teacher Grants to implement quality projects and incorporate learning tools in PreK–12 classrooms during the 2021–2022 school year. Together, these teachers will serve an estimated 5,237 students through these grant programs. Thank you to our donors for making this incredible impact possible, especially Dr. Judith F. Evans and Mr. Ralph M. Evans. Congratulations to our outstanding recipients!

Classroom Teacher Grant Recipients

Mrs. Graciela Acosta

Social–Emotional Storytelling

Mrs. Lisa Adamek

Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers in Special Education

Ms. Hediyah Al-Amin

Project Fluency for All

Miss Morgan Bates

Identity in STEM

Ms. Brittany Beaver


Ms. Tamara Bermudes

Sewing Machines for Our Makerspace

Mrs. Allison Bogart

Lava Tubes

Mrs. Ginger Boyd

Individual Student Graphing Boards

Ms. Deanne Bradley

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Constellation

Ms. Laura Brown

Ready, Set, Robot!

Ms. Meghan Callahan

The Black Lagoon Adventures

Ms. Juliet Casanova

Digital Calipers for Engineering and Technology Classes

Mr. Cory Chung

Learning Geometry Through Paper Folding

Miss Kimberly Cook

Flexible Seating

Mrs. Crystal Cromwell

Creating Play-Based Centers

Mr. Willie Davis III

Viewing Myself Through the Lens of Literature

Mrs. Nicole Derby-Moore

BioMed Makerspace

Ms. Allison Ellis

Alternative Ways to Paint

Ms. Ugochi Emenaha and Ms. Angelique Shoebroek

Readers Are Leaders!

Ms. Bridget Flanigan

Yoga Masters

Ms. Robyn Forrester

Epic South High School Cooking Club

Mrs. Susan Franklin

Classroom Calculators

Dr. Frederick Froehlich

Culture Quest: A Journey Around the World

Mrs. Rachael Grillo

Transforming Virtual High School Science Labs

Mrs. Harlee Harvey

Peanut Butter Jelly [Reading] Time

Mrs. Anna Heredia

Preschool Science/Discovery Materials

Mrs. Deborah Huffine

Who Gives a Hoot?

Mrs. Lonna Kennedy

Self-Reporting Individual and Pairs Stations Using Technology

Mrs. Melissa Kumanski

Puzzling With Pentominoes and Pattern Blocks

Mrs. Analysa Larsen

Academic Outreach and Connections With Distance Learners

Miss Madeline Lester

Listening With Headphones

Miss Caroline Lewis

Flexible Seating Options for Elementary Students

Ms. Elyse Mermelstein

Reading . . . It's a Snap

Mrs. Selena Miller

Shades of Me

Ms. Maajida Murdock

Understanding Quadratic Equations Using a Catapult

Mrs. Ginger Newton

Engaging and Enhancing Student Learning Experience

Ms. Catherine Orszulak

Third-Grade Math

Mrs. Jennifer Palmer

Barbie Doll Bungee Jumping

Mrs. Susanne Pawlik

Headphones for Lexia, Epic, and XtraMath

Mrs. Christina Paxon

Elevate to Collaborate!

Miss Isabel Quiñones

A Flexible Love of Learning

Ms. Kylie Roden

Classroom Library

Mrs. Adriana Rus Hagel

Classroom Lending Library

Mrs. Abbey Stanley

Operation Help Lessen Distractions!

Mrs. Ashlee Daniels Thomas, MAEd

Active Minds Need Active Seats

Ms. Madison Tubman

Inclusive Classroom Library

Mrs. Esther Vasquez

Math Tools 

Ms. Kimberly Wibbenmeyer

Tech Theatre and Design

Mr. Michael Williams

LGBTQ+-Inclusive Classroom Library

Mrs. Sarah Worth

Mental Health/Social–Emotional Learning

First-Year Teacher Grant Recipients

Mrs. Halé Adams
An Alternative Route to Rote Memorization

Ms. Sarah  E. Arnett

The Kindness Project: Making Connections and Building Relationships in the Community

Mrs. Sherrie Bakelar

Hands-On Learning

Mrs. Barbara Breitberg


Miss Taylor Caldwell

Social–Emotional Learning Library

Ms. Christina Chilcote

Flexible Seating

Ms. Diane Crump

Starting Off Right 

Mr. Adam Davis

Student Break Room Area

Mr. David Fisher

Vocabulary Enhancement Through Art

Mrs. Natasha Grant-Dean

McKinney Vento Students

Mrs. Megan Grochulski

Challenge 24 Tournament

Miss Zakirah Hayward

First-Year Teacher

Miss Marissa Hernandez

Half-Year Hero

Nickeysha Jones

Continuing Our Strong Start!

Miss Emily Jones

Luck Bands Mallets

Mrs. Candice Kennedy

Math Manipulatives

Mr. Colton Lee

Classroom Library

Mrs. Elizabeth Maciel

Multicultural Club T-shirts

Miss Lisa Macklin

Accessibility for Youths With Autism in New York City

Miss Anna Malone

Bringing Literacy Intervention to a Title I School

Ms. Cierra Martinez

First-Time School Social Worker!

Miss Kenisha McKenzie

Social–Emotional Learning: Mindfulness or Ourselves, Our Peers, and Our Value in the Community

Ms. Madison Odendahl

Work Work Activities

Miss Randi Prejean

Manipulatives to Help With Student Focus and Engagement

Mrs. Mary Price

STEM Items

Ms. Myranda Reza Jaimes

In This Classroom We Succeed

Ms. Mackenzie Ricco

Classroom Library and Resources

Ms. Sierra Riggs

Ready Readers

Ms. Angela Ruiz

Water Cooler That Dispenses Cold Water

Ms. Samantha Zourelias

Spot Your Feelings