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About the Kappa Delta Pi Record
The Kappa Delta Pi Record, published quarterly in partnership with Taylor & Francis, is a peer-reviewed journal that presents research-based articles on compelling issues relevant to national and international education professionals who work and teach at all levels and in a wide range of disciplines and settings. The Kappa Delta Pi Record promotes professional growth in the field of education by providing articles on evidence-based teaching strategies, reviews of current policy initiatives, examples of applied theories, and reports of original research in language that is accessible and practical.

Winner of 2015 REVERE Award for Professional Magazines from the Association of American Publishers
Inside the Current Issue
OCT–DEC 2020
VOL. 56, NO. 4

For the Record

The Not So Subtle Inequity of Remote Learning
by Christopher H. Tienken, Academic Editor

What Motivates STEM Students to Try Teacher Recruiting Programs?
by James Kunz, Keith Hubbard, Lesa Beverly, Mikaela Cloyd, and Andrea Bancroft

Building Capacity in the Successful Preparation of Teachers of Color: Effective Retention Strategies
by Jillian Ardley, Angela Goodloe, and Keesha Kerns

Physical Activity in the Classroom
by William Merriman, Christie M. González-Toro, and Jeff Cherubini

Creativity-Focused Mindfulness for Student Well-Being
by Danah Henriksen and Kyle Shack

Comic Books and Graphic Novels for the Differentiated Humanities Classroom
by Adam I. Attwood and Jill L. Gerber

Using the Read-Aloud and Picture Books for Social Justice
by Katherine E. L. Norris
In My View
How Do We Teach Science the Dewey Way?
by Ayça Karaşahinoğlu Fackler

Gateways to Experience
Trouble Areas of Evaluation for Beginning Teachers
by Pattie Johnston, Merrie Tankersley, and Megan Civil

Book Review
180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators
Reviewed by Karen P. Fasanella

Telling Stories
A Little Kindness to Keep the Enthusiasm Simmering
by Sandra E. Seay and Victoria L. Bledsoe
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