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The New Teacher Advocate is designed to support new teachers.

The New Teacher Advocate (NTA) has won an Award of Excellence in 2017. The NTA won under the Print category for Magazines, Journals & Tabloids. The NTA has been recognized by the Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) in recognition of outstanding content, layout, and graphics. We are excited that others now know what a great resource we have for new teachers.

“I have passed on KDP publications and encouraged preservice teachers to join KDP for years. NTA alone is worth the membership!” — Lisa Arter, Assistant Professor of English Education Southern, Utah University

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Fall 2019 Focus: Mindfulness
Inside the Current Issue
  • 3 Reflective Practices for Effectiveness
  • Differentiate Instruction in 3-2-1!
  • Do Nows: Activities That Begin Your Lesson for You
  • From Student Teacher to Classroom Teacher
  • Maintaining Conversational Flow in ELL Discussions

    Place-Based Education with Native Plants

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    Family-Centered Home Visits

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