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The Teacher Advocate
The Quarterly Magazine for Professional Teachers
The Teacher Advocate is a partner for success to beginning educators. This digital quarterly magazine is designed to support new teachers transitioning from being a student, through student teaching, and into their first years of teaching. Its succinct articles inform, encourage, and inspire through stories, resources, practical applications, and expert advice from educators at all levels.

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The Teacher Advocate (TA) was recognized by the Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) in recognition of outstanding content, layout, and graphics. The TA won an Award of Excellence in 2017 under the Print category for Magazines, Journals & Tabloids.

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Summer 2021
Inside the Current Issue

The Summer 2021 Teacher Advocate, an award-winning magazine for teacher candidates and new teachers, is full of practical advice and easy-to-implement strategies to help students and teachers adapt and adjust to the ongoing changes on the education landscape.

  • Successfully Teaching K-5 Online
  • 4 Steps to Student-Friendly Learning Targets
  • 5 Formative Assessment Strategies: Promises and Pitfalls
  • 7 Strategies to Make Professional Development Successful
  • Empathy and Flexibility in the COVID Era
EQUITY MATTERS: Connecting With Families of ELLs

USE YOUR TEACHER VOICE: Self-reflection? Have you seen my schedule?

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING: There’s a New Formative Assessment Tool in Town

THE DR. IS IN: Getting Outdoors
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