The Future of Education is Now

As a teacher, you want to send your students confidently into the future, prepared to face any challenges they might encounter. You want to prepare them for a world that might be far different from the world you know. Delivering a quality education experience for all children and youth that leads to a positive, sustainable future requires a transformation in education that necessitates changes in our teaching practices.

Children respond to stimulating learning environments where they can build the knowledge and skills required to tackle the challenges of this century. We need to understand the changes necessary to achieve a sustainable future. So what does this mean?

We can implement strategies that move students from
  • performing tasks inside the classroom to solving real-world problems in their communities;
  • reacting to problems to researching the issues and responding with solutions; and
  • waiting for adults to initiate change, to asking difficult questions and trying initiate the change themselves—in the classroom and in the community.

With these strategies, we can figure out, together with our students, how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. So how can we prepare students for a world we cannot imagine? Is that even possible?

At Kappa Delta Pi and Teachers for a Better Future, we say yes—it is possible! When you transform your teaching, you transform your students’ learning. Whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, we are here to connect you with teaching pedagogies, as well as inspire a global mindset of equity and an understanding of sustainability to prepare you to guide your students to think critically, act ethically, and respond humanely.

In the process, your students just might change the world for the better.

Join us in creating a sustainable future!
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