Job Acceptance Letter

7 Tips to Write a Job-Acceptance Letter 

Congratulations on your new job! Although you will often accept a job offer in person, it’s a good gesture and a wise practice to formalize it with a letter. An acceptance letter confirms your understanding of the employment terms before you begin work.

Begin by identifying the position and by thanking whoever sent the job offer. Make it clear that you have accepted the offer. Express sincere appreciation and indicate your enthusiasm for the position. Don’t be mushy and over-enthusiastic! 

  1. Use your acceptance letter to restate the terms of employment, including hours start date (if given to you), grade level, school, and terms. 
  2. Restate the instructions you were given regarding details such as work hours, appropriate dress, and where you should park. 
  3. Request clarification of any terms of employment that were vague in the interview or that concerned you afterwards. 
  4. Express how much you look forward to filling this new position and mention one or two aspects of the job you will especially enjoy. 
  5. Type your acceptance letter in block or semi-block format, using three or four paragraphs, one page in length, and sign it by hand. The heading at the top should match your résumé and cover letter—usually your contact information. Put the date and name, title, and address of the person it goes to at the top left. The envelope should match the paper type just as with a cover letter. 
  6. Make sure your acceptance letter is professional-looking; check it carefully for grammatical mistakes, typographical errors, and misspelled words. 

If you are sincerely interested in a position, but need more time to make your decision, express your appreciation for the job offer and specify the amount of additional time you are requesting by indicating the date (no more than two weeks) by which you can or will respond with a decision.